The Making of Custom Vintage Flask Cases


As a designer, I welcome the opportunity to work on custom projects where I'll be challenged to develop something unique. Each new project, presents its own set of rules and restrictions you have to work within. Contrary to what many people think, it's a set of clearly defined limitations and rules—not the "blank canvas"—where a designer flourishes. In other words, it's a kind of "show-me-what-I-can't-do-so-I-can-show-you-what's possible" thinking that we look for each day.

When my friends over at Manready Mercantile, came to me with a set of vintage flask they'd discovered and asked for some custom leather wraps, I jumped at the chance. The goal was to create a leather case that enhanced the rustic, old-world feel of the flasks while providing a bit of refinement. The images in this gallery show a bit of the process as well as the final product. The final two images, are of a flask that was also commissioned by them where I used our flask design on a piece of Horween Shell Cordovan that was reversed so the flesh side of the leather was exposed. The result is a piece that will age beautifully with time.