The Design Process: Poglia x Slightly Alabama


Designer and artisan, Max Poglia, has developed one of the more beautiful aesthetics currently available. His leather bags, blankets and signature knives achieve a sort of balance between the organic and the refined that embodies old-world masculinity. That's why I was honored when he asked us to collaborate on creating custom sheaths for his one-of-a-kind knives. Each blade is hand forged in Brazil from reclaimed disk plows rendering no two blades alike, while the handles are made from wood, horn and bone with brass finishings. 

In this gallery, you'll find a behind the scenes look at the process of designing and producing custom sheaths for each of the distinct blades in a 12-piece set. Each sheath was free-hand cut from Horween Essex leather and assembled using a saddle-stitch technique. The edges were beveled, dyed, waxed and burnished.  

His “ruggedly handsome" products embody old-world traditions and symbolize, as the NYTimes Style Magazine stated, “a throwback to simpler days for the modern man.”