Heritage & Artisanship

Slightly Alabama was born out of process—the soul satisfying, meditative act of molding an idea into life. Every product is designed and crafted in my studio located in a 100-year-old garment factory in Ridgewood, NY. I start with an idea on paper then, working from premium Horween® and Wickett & Craig leather, use traditional techniques to build a piece that is beautiful and durable. Sourcing materials close to home, designing and crafting the pieces in-house, and evolving our techniques to honor tradition while staying relevant with current trends and technologies is what drives us each day.

Saddle Stitch

A technique that requires the use of a single thread with harness needles attached to either end. Passing the needles back and forth through holes marked with a pricking iron, produces a product that is more durable and virtually incapable of destruction. The hallmark of a well executed line of stitching will be in the slight diagonal of the stitch line and thread that is evenly laid on either side of the stitching.