Showcase: Prototype of a Doctor's Tote


As a designer, one of the most important things is being able to develop your unique voice. You have to constantly push yourself to discover what you have to add to the world of art, design, fashion and craftsmanship. Staying relevant means relying on the past while providing fresh interpretations of classic ideas. A final product takes months of work, and there's no direct path through the creative process. In this gallery, I present a final look at the first phase of a process to developing a new bag for our collection. This piece is modeled after the silhouette of an old doctor's bag. The idea was to develop a tote bag that would model the classic shape of a physicians house call bag. To work through the process, I played with various dyes and finishes and also scratched designs into the leather before a final application of resolene. This piece is far from finished, but serves as as starting point for the design process that will result in a final product we'll bring to market.