Review of "Denim Dudes"


Title: Denim Dudes
Author: Amy Leverton
ISBN: 978.1.78067.418.6

To say Amy Leverton is an expert in denim-style is an understatement. In fact, at the time of writing Denim Dudes, her official title at a leading trend forecasting website where she works is "Director of Denim and Youth Culture." Credentials aside, Leverton's street style book establishes itself as an authority on denim style and culture based on its content alone. At just over 260 pages, Denim Dudes is exactly that—rich, beautiful photographs of dudes wearing denim: denim pants, jackets, shirts, vests, and even denim shoes. And not in some anesthetized, department-store-window-display kind of way. These are guys with a high sense of personal style, who happen to be enthusiasts, collectors and connoisseurs of denim and denim styling. Each dude photographed is accompanied with a brief profile and quote on his personal denim style. And that's wear you'll learn that these aren't just guys wearing jeans. They understand and know the history of these denim brands and make specific styling choices based on quality, heritage and design features.

Some of my favorite features from the book are Rikiya Kanamaru's reasons for choosing Wrangler over Levi's; Zip Stevenson's vintage chore coat that adheres to WWII war regulations; and Joachim Pianka's sense of style that is an authentic throw-back to early 20th century, working class dude.

Whether you're a denim enthusiast or just a fan of street style fashion photography, this is one of those books you'll want to have on your coffee table.

Up next, for Leverton? You guessed it: Denim Dudettes.