1905, May 22—Born of humble beginnings in a small workshop in Leicester, England, Gola is founded as a maker of quality trainers. 

2013, Oct 21—In a tiny apartment turned workshop, Dana Glaeser founds Slightly Alabama as a maker of leather goods based on the principles of his Alabama roots.



It's in my grandfather's workshop in Sheffield, Alabama where I fell in love with the world and the work of craftsmanship.

Today in my own workshop, I carry forward that tradition. To be able to design and handcraft a shoe with a century-old footwear brand dedicated to the same values that Slightly Alabama was founded on is an honor, to say the least. Together, the Gola X Slightly Alabama collaboration continues the tradition of quality craftsmanship made in America and the U.K.


We designed the Gola X Slightly Alabama shoe for the modern man looking for a minimalist take on traditional craftsmanship

In our workshop in Ridgewood, New York, we saddle stitched the "wing flash" to the uppers of each pair. You'll notice the white stitching that contrasts with the rest of the shoe's monotone tan finish. This is the mark of our handiwork. Each shoe required two-and-a-half hours of labor in our workshop, before we shipped them back to England for final assembly. With that many hours, you can understand why we only produced 18 pairs.





Surviving two World Wars since it's founding in 1905, Gola has emerged as a pre-imminent sportswear brand.

We're building a foundation to stand the test of time. Since the day Slightly Alabama launched, I knew that this was more than a passion project. Our brand would one day establish itself as the leader in leather craftsmanship. We're not there yet, because these sorts of things take time. But it's the time and the heart and soul we're willing to give through painstaking adherence to craftsmanship and an appreciation for every customer we've earned. The Gola X Slightly Alabama shoe represents that dedication.








The Gola Harrier was originally created in 1968 as a training and sports shoe. 

The Gola X Slightly Alabama shoe is based on the classic Harrier style. This retro model is all leather with Irish linen thread saddle stitching featured across the wing flash. Our wing divider logo is foil embossed on the heel cap and the "Gola X Slightly Alabama: Handfinished in the USA" label is foil embossed on the tongue and footbed.